Get fundraising copy that lures leads, delights donors,
and raises revenue.

Let's talk about your NPO

You’re changing the world.
Because that’s what leaders do.


Your mission is vital.


Your vision is far-reaching.


And your impact is huge.

So when you broadcast your life’s passion on the world’s stage, you can’t afford to get it wrong.

You can’t afford to be “just another” undifferentiated organization in a world of noisy nonprofit marketing.

You can’t afford to play expensive marketing experiments with your donors’ hard-won dollars.

And you certainly can’t afford to become another discarded envelope in a heap of junk mail.

So if you find yourself sitting at board meetings and hearing (or saying) things like:

“We know our work is impactful. Our beneficiaries know it. But the world needs to know it, too.”

“I need to spend my time doing the work I started this for. Not thinking of new ways to say the same thing to potential donors.”

“The same old worked for years. But we just can’t get away with tired slogans and stuffy letters anymore.”

“Peer-to-peer fundraising has exploded. How can we avoid sounding mundane?”

“Potential donors are impressed with our pitch. But then they check out our website… And leave underwhelmed.”

“Events that used to be historic are now humdrum. Can we still make an impact?”

Welcome to The Copy Concierge!


That means nonprofit copy - delivered the white-glove way.

i’m shevi.

Decade-long writer, certified copywriter, and non-profit specialist.

When I work to get your fundraising message out there, you get:


Relentless Research

Into your target audience, your voice, and your goals –
so your message hits home with your ideal donors.


Perfect Polish

from a grammar-geek English aficionado –
so your content impresses even those top-tier donors.


Spectrum of Styles

Modern? Whimsical? Classic?

Been there, done that. Because your audience’s style is unique and your copy should be, too.

A Passionate Partner

Your cause is my cause.
And NPOs like yours are the reason I specialize in nonprofits to begin with:

To help great movements get the exposure and success they deserve.

And it works!

(Aimed high. Reached higher.)

Hatzolah of Central Jersey

501k Investing in a strong future for our children

Yeshiva Ohr Yehuda

Bobbies Place

Tomchei Together

Shevi truly captured the essence of our work at IWSTHAB and translated it into compelling content that allowed the reader to emotionally connect with our cause, which was essential to our campaign. She also provided us with valuable bullet points and messages that can be utilized in all our future marketing. She didn’t just “write copy” – she spent an extraordinary amount of time getting to know our audience so we could target our donor population. I’d highly, highly, highly recommend Shevi!

Aimee Baron,

Founder at I Was Supposed To Have A Baby


I have worked with Shevi on multiple projects for non-profit institutions and organizations and was extremely impressed with the high quality of her work. Her creativity and experience add so much life and excitement to the projects she is involved in and the results reached well above our expectations.

I plan on working with her on future projects and I highly recommend using her services.

Zev Fried,

Founder at The Zap Group

Shevi’s emails for our recent fundraising campaign were superbly written and highly effective. She understood our organization’s culture and voice and brought it to light in her copy. A single cold email brought in an incredible amount of support! Her responses were prompt and her turnaround time was quick. I’d definitely recommend working with Shevi.

Chavy Weiss,

Director at Lev LaLev Orphanage

Shevi has worked on multiple projects for my clients over the past few weeks. She was a pleasure to work with, a fantastic writer,and  amazing with customers. She got the job done right every single time in a timely fashion. I would recommend her to anyone who wants web copy, especially non profit work.

Chaya Fischman,

CEO at Brand-Right Marketing Group

Shevi is a breath of fresh air! Her material is smart, creative and super clean. She takes the time to understand the client’s mission and reasons and works to develop the messaging so perfectly in sync. I know when I have Shevi on board it’s a home run..!

Chayale Kaufman,

CEO at Consult-Write Media

And you got that right.


Same old just doesn’t work anymore.


You need fresh new ways to present the same time-honored mission

So you don’t have to cringe when you send out yet another similar campaign.

You need short and clear messages to prime your donors

So you don’t have to ramble on again about your mission and vision.

You need to get it right the first time

So you don’t have to spend valuable hours on circular meetings.

What does your NPO need to get your message out?





Because credibility + professionalism = significant revenue boost

You know potential donors are checking out your organization.
What are they looking for?

Mission statements. Stats.
Team members. Success stories.
In a word? Legitimacy.

Send them to a website that leaves them impressed – and eager to give.


The words to bring your “wow” to the world.

Peer-to-peer fundraising has opened new vistas in the NPO world.

But without the right messaging, your campaign will fade into cyber-oblivion.

Stand out with slogans, ads, emails, landing pages – and everything you need to be the news item of the week.


For all those “I wish I had a writer on this” moments.

Don’t want another full-time salaried employee – but so often wish you had a professional writer’s expertise at hand?

Want quick responses, priority status, and last-minute-friendly turnaround?

This may be your win-win waiting.

Because guess-and-test works for many things.
Fundraising is not one of them.

Trust the copywriter trusted by worthy causes who needed better:

And got the results they were after.

Shevi is responsive and understanding, patient and practical.

I have had the absolute pleasure working with Shevi over the past few months. Shevi knows her stuff! Her pointed comments on the copy and her methodology and tactics in copywriting are proofs of this. But she’s not just knowledgeable. She is a downright pleasure to work with. Shevi is responsive and understanding, patient and practical. I cannot recommend her enough.

Rivkah Lewis

I would definitely recommend working with her!

Shevi is incredibly talented, professional, and responsible! Working with her is a very pleasant experience and we’re always happy with the results. I would definitely recommend working with her!

Tzivia Cohen

CEO at 14Minds

If you need a nonprofit writer who gets it, Shevi is a great choice.

Shevi’s writing is always on target, very professionally written, and perfectly conveys exactly the message we are trying to give to our targeted audience. If you need a nonprofit writer who gets it, Shevi is a great choice.

Nechama Goldberg

Ahavas Tzedakah

Satisfied clients
With hundreds of successfully delivered projects

Zoom meetings
To meet great clients and move their projects along

Research hours
To perfectly match each message to its audience 

Carefully chosen specialty
Because nonprofits deserve some love


If you’re ready to start hearing things like:

“Count me in for a pledge! This is so vital.”
“Now I know what you accomplish every day!”
“You’ve moved me to tears. Where do I donate?”


There’s a fundraising campaign somewhere in your future.

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