Here’s the truth.


You don’t want donors.

You don’t want grudging handouts, born of a reluctant sense of duty or an inability to say “no.” You don’t want to convince your audience of your contribution to a better world.

You want passionate partners.

Activists, if you will. An audience so galvanized, they will do a lot more than just click “donate” – they’ll be ambassadors for your mission.

i’m shevi.

and I’m ready to be your first one.
And to encourage many more.

Because you’re more than a 1040 tax deduction. You’re an initiative worthy of a loyal following.

But here’s the thing:
They won’t know unless you tell show them.

But they can’t just hear about your mission.

They need to

You KNOW you can awaken their passion to mirror yours …
With the right words.

Nonprofits have been an underserved market for too long.
I’m here to fix that.

As a certified copywriter + nonprofit specialist, I’ve helped dozens of nonprofits:


Roll out campaigns

that brought in more revenue than ever before

Re-create their website

to excite 21st century participants + donors

Rev up their ads

to attract eyeballs – and get signups

You get to stay in your zone of genius, while I solidify your nonprofit messaging and help you reach the hearts – and wallets – of your audience.


Website to do justice to your far-reaching impact


Campaign to be the most-shared item in the feed


Emails to get the reaction your investment deserves

It’s why, after years of writing for dozens of businesses, I chose to come back to my first love:


Promoting nonprofits so they get the recognition and support they need to keep thriving.

Everything was delivered efficiently and in a friendly and hassle-free manner.

It was a pleasure to work with Shevi. Her professional knowledge of industry clients and terminology helped create copy that was on-target and matched our needs perfectly. Everything was delivered efficiently and in a friendly and hassle-free manner. Wouldn’t hesitate to work with Shevi again, highly recommend!

Rachel Black

I would certainly hire her again for my next campaign!

Amazing, magical, and on target! Shevi took our ad ideas and turned them into a cohesive, well received campaign. She was responsive and flexible and went the extra mile to work with our schedule. I would certainly hire her again for my next campaign!

Isaac Klugmann

And it’s why I trained long and hard to learn the best practices in the industry:


And why my bookshelves are lined with volumes containing the very bits of wisdom that will fuel your success. (And why my Keurig has threatened to quit from overuse.)


The Copy Concierge is more than just a name:
It’s a VIP experience.

That Means:


Emails responded to within 24 hours


Personal attention to you and your cause


Efficient and prompt delivery of materials

So… what’s in your NPO’s future?

Choice A

Fuzzy, cliched messaging about “making a difference?”

Lots of runaround with every board member trying their hand at a coherent message?

An outdated face to your organization that disappoints visitors and destroys your legitimacy?

Choice B

Strong, compelling language about how exactly you make that difference?

One tried-and-trained copywriter who cuts to the heart of your goals and hands over neatly compiled materials – on time?

A confident, trust-inspiring website that delights both beneficiaries and donors?

Reach out for everything in column B.